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April 26th, 2024, 9:57 am

Hi team, I got an Unleashed M as a kickstarter, and love it, but if I have one gripe, it's the magnetic mini USB plug. It works great for the Unleashed, but when I want to use that socket for anything else... well, I can't! It's very fiddly to remove the mini plug, and I'm scared of bending it if I try anything to prise it out.

Have you considered making a magnetic connection cable, with normal USB or USB-C at the other end? That would greatly improve versatility by letting us use the mini plug to connect to a computer etc. And in the meantime, of the various different magnetic USB cables available (in the UK) do you know of any that are compatible? I ordered one on a whim but it didn't quite fit, so I had to return it.

Many thanks!
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